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Being a professional artisan contractor means your chosen profession is based on the quality of your work. Whether you build furniture, fix plumbing, or work as an electrician you have to be precise in what you do every day. Usually that precision will carry over into everything else you do. Artisan Contractor Insurance You need to find an agent that has the same care and precision when it comes to your insurance needs and Sterner Insurance Agency - Apple Valley, MN is that agency. With us protecting your Artisan Contractors Insurance needs, you'll know that you, your tools and your work are protected by a policy crafted just for you.

Most of the time you need a quick reply and response when it comes to applying for new jobs. Often times this means getting a Certificate of Insurance out to you immediately regarding each bid. You can be sure that our specialized policies allow us to get these certificate requests out to you in a manner that shows you want the job and are eager to work.

Artisan Contractor Insurance Is Less Expensive Than You Think

The nice thing about our artisan contractor insurance program is that it ends up costing less than you might think. These policies often avoid the overkill of additional coverage that general contractors need, thereby saving you money.


  • ‚ÄčGeneral Liability Insurance: 

    Protects you, the insured, in case you're found legally liable in a lawsuit or similar claim. All scenarios are not predictable and at the very least, General Liability Insurance helps to provide coverage for those situations that come up unexpectedly.

  • Business Property Insurance:

    Protects all goods related to your business. From the building you work out of all the way down to the smallest of tools that you use. Business Property Insurance protects all these things from perils like fire, theft, water damage and more. When you combine this coverage with a General Liability Insurance package, you now have solid protection rounding out nearly every coverage your business may need, plus you'd save some money by combining the two.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance:

    Using your car in business is often excluded from your personal auto insurance policy. You need Commercial Auto Insurance coverage to protect you, your car and those around you while using your vehicle in business. Commercial Auto Insurance also allows you to provide a Certificate of Insurance for your jobs requesting proof of coverage. Contractors showing that they can provide proof of Commercial Auto Insurance have a huge leg up on the competition.

  • Workers Compensation: 

    You may have a few people working for you. Workers Compensation provides coverage for those hard working people in case they get injured while on the job.

  • Custom coverage:

    Protection for installation, tools, storage and transit

Electricians, plumbers, repairmen and other tradesmen who subcontract very little of their work can benefit from Artisan Contractor Insurance. It includes basic contractor insurance plus some custom protection for tools, transit and storage unique to artisans.

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